Private sessions with Gayle

Kate Thurkle: Coach (Standard American, Australian)

Kate Thurkle is an actress, singer, writer, and voice coach. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Kate moved to the United States to further her academic studies in Acting and Performance at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Now a graduate, Kate is dedicated to sharing her passion for voice work and dialect training as she herself loves how the 21Accents’ teaching method can allow you to reveal your inner potential to be a multi-faceted individual.

Receiving her ATCL, and beginning her LTCL, in Speech and Drama from Trinity College London plus months of working with Amy, Kate has dedicated her time to honing her vocal apparatus and refining her Standard American accent to be able to not only use it in her acting career, but also teach it. Pushing everyone around her to succeed, no matter where they are in life, Kate is ecstatic about joining the 21Accents’ team to help students grow into the beautiful people they always knew they were. 

Private Coaching with Gayle

Gayle offers private coaching in:

On-going Sessions for Beginners ~ Perfect for strong English speakers who seek to improve their understandability and grammar. Sessions can happen bi-weekly, weekly or every other week.

Accent Assessment ~ Do you want to know which sounds you have more challenges with? Book a 75-minute Accent Assessment and find out which sounds you need to work on the most, so you can practice them after your Assessment.

ESL and other coaching ~ Business English, TOEFL studies, conversational English studies, and ESL studies.

* For first-time Students, the class will be held via Google Hangouts.  For repeat students living in or visiting the Los Angeles area, in-person classes may be arranged. *

Evgeniya Radilova

I have only had a couple of classes with Kate so far but it feels like we have been working together for a long time! She is my first female teacher and that really clicked with me! Her American Accent is so good and helps me as a perfect example. She is also fun, kind and really talented! I cannot recommend 21 Accents and Kate more!

Tanya Quenko

I’ve been working with Kate weekly for a month now and I’m really happy with my progress and our sessions altogether. She taught me a couple of really important tricks on how to sound more American. My main problem (not the only one, but definitely the harder to correct one) is the melody and she helped me a lot with that.
Plus I really like how she finds new ways to help me to get to the correct sound, which is really important because sometimes some of the words are more complex and harder than the other ones. And multiple different approaches definitely help to get where you want to be faster.
And maybe off the topic, but she’s also a really nice person with a positive attitude, which adds to the class a fun environment.
In a nutshell, I really enjoy working with Kate and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to work on accents! Thank you!


1 Hour Private Coaching - $50

Package of 4 hrs* – $40/hr *Save $40*

1 Hour Private ESL Coaching - $40

75-Minute Accent Assessment - $65


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*Packages of 4 hours of Private Sessions must be taken within 8 weeks of the purchase date.

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Cancellation Policy

If you need to reschedule a session, you may do so up to 48 hours in advance of the scheduled session time. Sessions cancelled less than 48 hours in advanced are billed at the usual rate. We understand that plans change, and we’re grateful for as much notice as you can give, so we can reschedule. Buying a Session means you agree to this policy.
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