Aisha Zakailah

I have been living in the USA for about 19 years but unfortunately still have an accent. I have tried about 3-4 different accent coaches but didn’t like anyone that I wanted to keep for long until I found Alex. After my first session with Alex I just knew he was the one who could help me through this and who I will keep for long. I hated my accent so much that I was at a point where I avoided social gatherings and hesitated communicating with new people. I was starting to lose my self confidence. Alex helped me out a lot with bringing up my self-esteem. My self confidence is now getting better and better thanks to my weekly sessions with Alex. He doesn’t just help me improve my pronunciation and accent but also gives advice when I need it and makes me feel better about myself. I have learned so many things in these past few weeks that I haven’t learned living in the USA for 19 years! I have no words to thank him for all the efforts and hard work he puts into me and his other students. I would recommend Alex to anyone in a heartbeat. He is amazing. Thank you Alex, you are the best!!!
Make-up Artist