Jesse Taylor

Amy is an Amazing Accent reduction Coach! I’m from Germany and she taught me how to do the “R” and the “L” sounds in one session. She has such a great ability to hear the sound you’re making and uses amazing techniques to guide you in the right direction. In our first meeting, I was in preparation for an audition and she helped me out with the accent and gave me amazing acting coaching.
Every time I see her I make so much progress and she’s very supportive. I feel comfortable going to her because I know she gives me so much value.
First time I saw Amy was on YouTube when I looked for techniques to have an American accent so I can get all the acting roles I want to. I love how sunny of a character she has in those videos. When we worked in person for the first time I was happy to see she has the same sunny spirit in person and it’s so easy to work with her.
Thank You for everything!