Read some of our students’ testimonials below.

Some of them have audio files so you can hear their progress!

Alicia Sanz

In only 4 sessions Alex has taken my English to the next level. He’s so precise he will make you understand what you need to work on and why. Plus I’ve been having a lot of fun in our classes!

Gabi Spacciari

Alex’s skills are very impressive; He sees and hears everything and is a perfectionist who pushes you to try your best with every sound. His method is very comprehensive though, and it’s extremely easy to understand his corrections. I could trust him just from seeing the work he does on himself and his own voice and accents. His work has inspired me!

Christian Sanchez

I’m so glad I found someone like Alex. He’s all anyone needs to perfect their language skills, not only grammar or vocabulary, but also melody, tune and I dare say he teaches you a way of living. He is a perfectionist, and never lets you get away with a mistake or incorrect sound. Alex has a knowledge of the vocal instrument as no one else, and it makes it easier to be aware of the… Read more “Christian Sanchez”

Tijan Njie

I started to work with Alex in February, although I’m not sure if the word “work” suits this case since Alex’s way to deal with my accent had nothing to do with work at all. Every class was fun but serious at the same time. After each session, I noticed how productive we’d been. In these few months, I’ve learned so much about my accent and voice in general.  Without any pressure or fear, I rather… Read more “Tijan Njie”

Clarissa Willis

Before working with Alex I wasn’t so confident talking to people because of my Brazilian accent. Working with him allowed me to slow down my conversations and express myself clearly. I am very confident now talking on the phone with my clients and also having casual conversations. Alex is fun, patient and very reliable. I’ve grown a lot as a person in general by taking private lessons with him. It’s amazing how our verbal communication… Read more “Clarissa Willis”

Clarissa Willis
Realtor/Investor - Brazil

Bo Roberts

I have gone through speech therapy my entire life. I have also been teased about a speech impediment my entire life. No one could convince me to open up and really work on my voice until I met Amy. She creates a very inviting and encouraging environment. Working on a “downfall” is such a vulnerable time but with Amy, I was always eager to receive feedback from her. Model, Actor – United States

Lynn Grabowski

Alex listens to you insistently, showing you how to pronounce correctly and how to repeat slowly, word by word, supporting yourself with gestures and hand movements. I cannot imagine getting any better training than the one I get from Alex. The workshops are always fun and successful. Since the first hour we worked together, I feel like I learned a totally new language and I’m so much more into it. Thank you, Alex!

Lynn Grabowski

Aisha Zakailah

I have been living in the USA for about 19 years but unfortunately still have an accent. I have tried about 3-4 different accent coaches but didn’t like anyone that I wanted to keep for long until I found Alex. After my first session with Alex I just knew he was the one who could help me through this and who I will keep for long. I hated my accent so much that I was… Read more “Aisha Zakailah”

Jesse Taylor

Amy is an Amazing Accent reduction Coach! I’m from Germany and she taught me how to do the “R” and the “L” sounds in one session. She has such a great ability to hear the sound you’re making and uses amazing techniques to guide you in the right direction. In our first meeting, I was in preparation for an audition and she helped me out with the accent and gave me amazing acting coaching. Every… Read more “Jesse Taylor”

Jesse Taylor

Hana Kahleová

Working with Amy has been so much fun! Who would think that I will be able to make all the correct American sounds and even catch the melody of the sentences? Amy breaks it down for you and makes it happen. I highly recommend her classes!

Hana Kahleová

Ledicia Sola

Alex is the best! He is a great accent coach, his method is smart and super fast. You can really see the results from the first session. Also, he is always ready to help you. I’m so happy I found him!

Colman Hayes

I’m an actor and was looking for a way to improve my American Accent when I stumbled across 21 Accents.. It was the first time that I had encountered a way of teaching it that made it practical, and thus so much more enjoyable. I’m over 60% there, and just listening to the R one a few times because it’s catching me a little, but I’m delighted with the course and couldn’t recommend it more.

Anna-Lea Mende

Alex is such an amazing acting coach. The feedback for my auditions is always great and casting directors were always satisfied with my accent when we practiced for it. Also very valuable is his professionalism and his spontaneity. He often helped out very last minute which is crucial for LA’s fast-paced industry. Thanks Alex!

Shikha Jain

I was talking to my husband today after practicing from our tapes, and he said that this is the best improvement in an accent he had ever heard from me!”  

Shikha Jain


I’ve been working with Alex for a year and the change in my accent is beyond amazing. My training with Alex is different from any other accent reduction program out there. Alex as a coach is very patient and understanding with his students, which makes working with him a pure pleasure. He makes classes fun and easy to comprehend. I could notice improvement right after the first class I did with Alex!  I haven’t done… Read more “C.G”

Student - Ukraine

Yohami Zerpa

I’m a singer from Venezuela learning the American accent. Alex does an amazing job at helping you isolate, identify, repeat and finally articulate and mix all the palette of sounds required to speak and sing like a native speaker – and he does so with a lot of patience, humor, and care. We first addressed how I sing and now we’re working on my spoken accent. I’m very happy with the results and everyone I… Read more “Yohami Zerpa”

Pedro Sola

Alex has way surpassed my expectations. There are many coaches out there who can teach English, but there are very few who can take the task to the next level, very few who can teach you how to sound English and the vibe of it, because either they don’t know how or they don’t have the knack for it. As a Spanish native speaker, coming from a language where we have only five vowels, working… Read more “Pedro Sola”

Pedro Sola
Actor - Spain

Evgeniya Radilova

Alex and 21 Accents have changed the way I feel and think about accents. He has helped me find my own voice and get out of my head. Alex makes the process fun and helped me realize that this is just a muscle. And the more you practice the easier it gets. I have had many other dialect teachers before Alex, but they seemed to just blur my head or make it seem really difficult.… Read more “Evgeniya Radilova”

Mara Junot

Amy is a sheer delight to work with! Her ‘amiable’ nature and intuitive teaching style make working with dialects both an entertaining and natural experience. I look forward to training with her again and again in the future!

Ritu Arya

Sanee is a brilliant accent coach. He has a great ear for the details and subtleties in an accent and uses easy, accessible approaches for me to improve. I now have some very quick, useful ways of getting the correct placement for sounds. I feel more confident and aware of fluctuations in an accent. I actually felt myself improve more in two sessions with Sanee than weeks with other accent coaches.“

Tanya Quenko

Just finished the 1st lesson for 21Accents’ American Accent Training Course, and it’s AMAZING! Those hand gestures that Amy does on the video to help with the sound placement work like a charm! I was able to recreate the correct sounds right away! I feel so good about it! Can’t wait to finish the course and sound like an American! Yay! Thank you, Alex and Amy, for those videos. I was sure that the road… Read more “Tanya Quenko”

Steven Moity

Alex is one of the best accent coaches I’ve ever had. He is not only talented, smart and very helpful, he is also extremely patient and funny. He took the time to work through all the different sounds with me, would make me laugh if I got frustrated and never made me feel bad or unfit if I could not get the sound right at first. I think that is vital to a class like… Read more “Steven Moity”

Jeff Caponigro

Amy Walker is an extremely gifted coach/teacher, who has helped me tremendously as I prepare for acting roles that call for a special dialect. Her coaching/teaching style is precise, insightful, motivating and fun. I encourage all to consider using Amy when they have to be at the top of their game.

Pepe Gamez

For many years I’ve been making the same mistakes in my pronunciation, but in just a few classes Alex was able to make me realize what I need to work on and focus the most so I can improve, practice and correct myself during my daily life. After a few classes with him I’ve already started to see improvement and that makes me excited!

Alex Gonzalez

Since working with Alex, I’m much more aware of the mistakes I make, and while it’s hard to correct them all the time during a performance, the good thing is that at least now I’m aware of them. And most of all I feel lucky having him as a teacher; I really appreciate how perfectionist he is and his sharp ear, as well as how flexible and fresh his techniques are. Thank you!!

D. E.

I’ve been working with Alex for a month now, and I never thought it was possible to make this much progress in such a short amount of time. He’s helped me hear the mistakes in my speech and taught me the correct way to pronounce them. I always thought I had “bad ears” because I never heard my mistakes before, but just after one session with Alex, I began to hear and correct my mistakes.… Read more “D. E.”

Denise Ergene
Project Manager, Apple –  California

Kris D.

I did a course and live training before taking private sessions with 21Accents, but when I met Alex, he taught me the American Accent on a whole new level I never saw or did before! Alex is great, and I’m looking forward to our next sessions until I can master my US English.

Kristiaan D.
Entrepreneur - The Netherlands

Alisa Gurova

From childhood, I’ve heard that you cannot change your accent if you weren’t raised in an English-speaking country. I thought the same until I met Amy Walker. I started to work hard with her because she helped me see that everything is possible. And the best praise for this was was when an American Uber driver in asked me if I’m British! It was a big step, cause everyone heard my Russian accent before. Amy… Read more “Alisa Gurova”

Meena Rayann

Working with Sanee is an absolute pleasure. His technique is both fun and straightforward. He makes sounds make sense and everything becomes logical and easier! I highly recommend him!

Maribelle Antoinette

I had landed a role that required an upper class posh British accent. I was a bit insecure (because English isn’t my first language) but working with Sanee, it honestly came out naturally. Not only did he teach me the correct form to speak in this accent, but he also gave me advice on the delivery of my lines. Sanee is honest, motivating, and a delight to work with. I truly recommend him and would… Read more “Maribelle Antoinette”

Maribelle Antoinette
Actress - United States / Belgium

Patricia Ponce de Leon

Big “THANKS” to Alex is without a doubt the first thing to say when thinking about 21Accents. After working with three other accent coaches, it was Alex’s method and persistence that made me trust the work and effort invested in every single session we had. Accepting that changing the muscle memory is a big challenge for me, I am happy to say that, not only thanks to his corrections and explanations but also to all… Read more “Patricia Ponce de Leon”

Daniele Favilli

Right after the first lesson, my director told me I had already improved. It was easy to work with Amy: she has the rare and beautiful quality of being a shining person, solar and with huge energy to give.

Daniele Favilli

Lisa Sowden

Amy’s approach to teaching is incredibly supportive and her techniques provide proven results FAST.  Within a few short weeks not only was I able to hear a difference in my accent so was my voice over coach and agent.  Learning in a group helps you hear the differences between your native accent and American, creating an environment to improve even faster.  If you want to speak like a true blood American, Amy is the instructor… Read more “Lisa Sowden”

Alex Nagaystev

Alex is not a regular dialect coach, he is also a mentor that truly cares about his students and their progress.  After more than a year of working with Alex, I have become confident in expressing my thoughts in Standard American English and engaging in serious conversations with native speakers. Accent is not only flawless pronunciation that helps in everyday life, or job environment, it is actually an expression of our true identity, which will… Read more “Alex Nagaystev”

Alex Nagaystev
College Student - Russia

Ling Fan

Alex is the best voice and speech coach because of his background in ESL, and also his experience as an actor and a singer. I really enjoy the way he uses gestures and tricks to make the more challenging sounds really easy for me to reproduce and understand. I never realized the enormous varieties of voice production while speaking different languages. I, as a native speaker of Chinese, speak mainly in the front part of… Read more “Ling Fan”

Ling Fan
Nurse Practitioner - China

Pauline G.

I’m so glad I found 21 Accents and met Alex. Thanks to online training and coaching sessions, I can finally identify my mistakes and correct my pronunciation with incredible accuracy. I teach American students daily and it is imperative for me to improve my very “French touch” accent. I finally found people who know what they’re talking about! Amy is an expert and Alex embodies all the possibilities that this method offers. All in great… Read more “Pauline G.”